Sutter PTA’s mission is to have a positive impact on the lives of all Sutter students by bringing the school staff and parents together. PTA funds and supports various educational, social and cultural events to create a well-rounded, inclusive and positive learning environment.


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Current Events

Dining for Dollars * Jan 26 * Panda Express

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Virtual Multicultural Celebration 

Multicultrual Celebration 2022.jpg

Since we are past submission due date, we aren't accepting entries using the google form anymore.
Please send them to sutterptainfo@gmail.com by tomorrow. 


We are excited once again to celebrate the diverse and numerous cultures represented across our Sutter Family!  While we are sad that we won't be able to gather together as in past years, we hope to bridge the distance by sharing our photos and videos about the special things that honor our heritage.

In the past, families have shared photos of traditional dress, food, language, song or dance.  

You can teach us how to say something in your native language or share names/photos of delicious foods eaten on holidays.  Be creative and have fun!


Short videos (max 10 seconds please!) and photos are welcome!

You are welcome to submit more than one entry if you want to share multiple cultures.

        PTA will combine all the awesome videos and pictures you share and that combined video will be presented in the classrooms on Friday January 28th.