Yearbook Portrait Photo Tips!

Prepare your phone/camera for portraits

  • Clean the camera lens so there's no dust/lint.

  • Update photo size/resolution to the large for the best image quality (larger file size).

  • Set the camera to portrait mode for automatic exposure/tones.

  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart for stability.

  • Hold your phone camera with both hands and keep your elbows close to your body to avoid camera shake.


Choose a good background

  • The best background won’t detract attention from your child, but will still compliment him/her.

  • Separate your child from your background by not standing directly against a wall/window/fence/artwork or shrub/tree/flowers, etc.  (6+ feet apart)



Find good light

  • Shoot with an abundance of natural daylight if at all possible.

    • Overcast winter days provide even light any time of day.

    • On sunny days, early morning & late afternoon provide warm light but avoid direct sunlight (causing squinting).

  • In the house, be close to a window, in front or to the side, but not behind your child.

  • In the shade adjust for face brightness or turn on the camera flash to illuminate the face (avoid shadows by 6+ feet from your background).


Get up close

  • Fill the frame with your child from the shoulder upwards (from the underarms).

  • Leave a bit of room around both shoulders and top of the head (similar to a passport photo, see sample student portrait template).



Exposure and focus

  • Tap on the face so your child's face is in focus.

  • Tap and slide the exposure to increase brightness of the face (especially in the shade, indoors or lower light).


Take more photos

  • Take more photos to catch the best smile, pose, location, etc.

  • Have fun!